• Need loan for various needs or working capital? Find difficulties to get financing from a bank? Have had an issue with bank’s loan? Your credit process in other bank was too long?
  • Probiz is the SOLUTION. Apply for loan at Sahabat UKM. We help you QUICKLY with simple document requirement.
  • Sahabat UKM provides ProBiz (Pro-Business) facility for whatever your needs, including your business development. The facility is given in the form of installment loan, fixed loan, and current account loan.
Let’s use ProBiz!

ProBiz Advantages

  • Loan amount:
Business Period Loan Amount
0 – 6 months 0 – Rp 1 billion
> 6 months 0 – Rp 3 billion
  • Competitive effective interest rate and provision amount
  • Interest payment in accordance with the usage of loan facility
  • Collateral may be in form of land and building’s certificate, or vehicle ownership ceritificate (BPKB). Free of appraisal fee*
  • Quick process (5 working days) from the day documents are completely received

*Terms and conditions applied.

General Requirements

  1. Applicant must be an employee (including civil servants), entrepreneur, professional or a business entity.
  2. One of these financial documents:
        • The latest monthly salary slip, or
        • The latest 1 month of saving account statement (that reflects monthly income/ salary), or
        • Other valid proof of income (e.g. supplier agreement, contract, lease agreement)
  3. Business legal documents:
        • Business permit (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan/ SIUP), or
        • Business certificate (Surat Keterangan Usaha/ SKU) (for loan ceiling < Rp 1.5 billion) or
        • Merchant ID card (Surat Tanda Pedagang)/ trading permit (surat keterangan izin berdagang)/ proof of merchant ID (bukti tanda pengenal pedagang)
  4. Collateral owned by debtor or immediate family member (father/ mother/ spouse/ children) of the debtor*
    *for BPKB (Bukti Pemilikan Kendaraan Bermotor/ proof of ownership of motor vehicle) that is still under the name of other party may be used as a collateral as long as complimented with purchase receipt, copy of previous owner’s ID card, copy of STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan/ vehicle registration certificate), purchase invoice, letter of right transfer for BPKB under the name of a legal entity, and other documents deemed necessary.
  5. Collateral is located within 50 km from the nearest Sahabat UKM Branch.