Strengthening supervision of cooperative management and digital service transformation will strengthen cooperative’s added value for members because it guarantees security, speed, and convenience for members to utilize cooperative’s services in accordance with current digital trends.

That was the idea that emerged in a webinar entitled “Can Cooperatives Still Become a Mainstay” organized by the Indonesian Consortium for Cooperative Innovation (ICCI) on Thursday (13/8/2020). In this event, ICCI invited KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati and KSP Mitra Dhuafa to become speakers accompanying another speaker from the Ministry of Cooperatives and UKM RI.

The speakers of the event were the Minister of Cooperatives and UKM RI Mr. Teten Masduki as the keynote speaker, Deputy for Institutional Affairs of the Ministry of Cooperatives Mr. Rully Nuryanto, Deputy for Supervision of the Ministry of Cooperatives Mr. Ahmad Zabadi, Executive Committee of ICCI Mr. Firdaus Putra, HC., 1st  Chairman of  KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati Mr. Ceppy Y. Mulyana, and Director of Operations KSP Mitra Dhuafa Mr. Sugeng.

In his presentation, Mr. Ceppy Y. Mulyana emphasized that through digital transformation, public interest in becoming cooperative members continues to increase. This public interest is mainly based on a sense of belonging to the members of the cooperative because of the mutual cooperation vision, from members to members which is the foundation of the cooperative. These advantages need to be diversified with digital innovation in developing services that make it easier and make members feel comfortable to meet various needs.