KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati (“Sahabat UKM” or “SME Friend”) has organized wet-market cleaning activity in Bolu Central Market, Tallunglipu Matallo Urban Village, North Toraja District. Attended the roadshow was the Management of Bolu Central Market and the representatives of government institutions and the merchants around the Bolu Central Market. Among those attended the event from Sahabat UKM was Area Manager of Palopo Arman Pata and Shandra Widiyanti as the Sales and Distribution from the Head Office. Also attending the event was Amsal Jhon Rante, the Coverage Head of Sulawesi 2 from Bank Sahabat Sampoerna, as the business partner of Sahabat UKM.

The activity is one of the attention given to traditional wet-markets to ensure that it is always clean. A clean market will make buyers feel comfortable when they are shopping. Preserving the existence of traditional wet markets is very important in today era full of the millennial generation. Traditional markets must continue to play its important part of society.

In the same event, a free medical check-up, in collaboration with local Community Health Center (Puskesmas) was conducted, together with the inauguration of social care activities to performed in all Sahabat UKM’s branch offices. This shows that Sahabat UKM is not merely a business-oriented organization, but it also performs several social activities enjoyed by a wider community.