Bapak Andi Agus & Ibu Sukma from Bantaeng, South Sulawesi.

Clothes are human’s basic needs. From day to day, the market demand for clothes is getting higher and higher. This fact creates a big opportunity on clothing convection and clothing business and makes it as one of the businesses that is interested by entrepreuner.

This opportunity was grabbed by Mrs. Sukma who was born in Bantaeng, Makassar. Since she was on high school, Mrs. Sukma already learned how to sell clothes with her brother. She hasn’t got the ability to create her own products, Mrs. Sukma then learned from her brother who had opened a clothing convection. At that time, she started to understand how to create patterns in clothes and then sewing it up to be sold.

After 2 years journey in clothing industry, Mrs. Sukma tried to expand her business by starting a clothing convection. Years after years, Mrs. Sukma’s clothing stalls and convection are growing. The revenue is used by Mrs. Sukma to employ 6 manpowers and buy 3 sewing machines for the convection. Unsatisfied with the current 6 stalls, Mrs. Sukma wishes to open a new stall at that time. Afterwards, Mrs. Sukma applied for a business loan to financial services.

“I didn’t expect that my application was approved. I really needed an addition of working capital. Moreover, I also want to buy a new house as an investment for my children. My income is enough if I save it as a retirement saving,” she said passionately.