Pak Halim started his business journey when he was still in junior high school. At that time he often helped his brother who had a business selling used motorbikes to deliver ordered motorbikes to customers. It didn’t take long for young Halim to like and learn the ins and outs of the used motorcycle business. Entering adulthood, Mr. Halim decided to move to Jakarta. With a little money he brought from his village, Mr. Halim ventured to buy a used motorbike and sell it back to his hometown. The money from the sale of the motorbike he turned back to buy a used motorbike and sell it to his hometown again. He continued to do this until Pak Halim managed to sell 12 used motorcycles at once to his village. Feeling successful with his small business, Mr. Halim decided to take the world of selling used motorcycles more seriously.

For 4 years his used motorcycle sales business has been running, Pak Halim feels that his business is running in place. Indeed he can meet the basic needs of his family, but Pak Halim has not been able to realize his dream of owning his own house. In order to realize his dream, Mr. Halim began to seek additional capital from financial institutions. It was at that time that in 2015 Pak Halim met with KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati and became a member. Since becoming a member of KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati, Mr. Halim’s business has grown even bigger. Currently, Mr. Halim already has the house he dreamed of and 2 used motorcycle outlets. In his daily business operations, Mr. Halim is also assisted by 5 permanent employees and many freelance agents. However, these two outlets are not the biggest source of sales.