In 2014 Mr. Tarmani ventured to start his own printing business. Incidentally at that time his younger brother was an expert in design. He invited his sister to build a business together. His younger brother is in charge of the design, while Mr. Tarmani himself operates the printing machine. When he started his business, there were already several similar businesses around him. However, this is actually a motivation for Mr. Tarmani to run a business. According to him, rivals are not enemies, but must mutually support each other. “In running a business, the most important thing is service to customers. If our customers run away, we have to think about the system. Maybe what we apply is wrong so that the customer turns away from us. We have to accommodate customer complaints and help us,” said Mr. Tarmani, telling us a few tips for dealing with customers.

Since joining the KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati member since 2019, Mr. Tarmani now has 1 unit of his own shophouse in Citra and 1 unit of shophouse in the Karawaci area which is currently still being rented. This is proof of Pak Tarmani’s active membership as a member of the KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati.