Ms. Sri Anah from Kudus.

Along with the development of the modest fashion industry in Indonesia, there are more and more successful hijab entrepreneurs. Most of them are not fashion designers or fashion educated, but their persistence has succeeded in making their products sell well in the market. For example, Mrs. Sri Anah, a woman from Kudus who founded a special garment and hijab convection. She started this business a few years ago when there were not many hijab brands on the rise. The first time he started his business was with a pre-order (PO) system. Gradually his business was getting more and more advanced and busy with customers. Like it or not, Ibu Sri, as she is called, has to add several convection machines to fulfill her customers.

Ibu Sri made the right decision to apply for a working capital loan to KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati. Incidentally, Mrs. Sri has been a member of KSP Sahabat Mintra Sejati for a long time. Currently, the business, which started from only accepting orders, has now become one of the big convection companies in Kudus, her hometown.