“Doing business in the micro segment requires a different approach from other segments, such as commercial and SME. While other banks jumped into microbusiness by developing a special business unit, Bank Sampoerna has collaborated with Sahabat UKM to reach this market which makes up 90% of the total number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia (Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, 2013). I believe that the collaboration with Sahabat UKM has contributed to significant progress in the development of microsegment in Indonesia.”

Rudy Mahasin, Micro Business Director of PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna

“Before, only a few financial institutions providing professional services were willing to help empower entrepreneurs in developing their business. With that as the underlying factor and based on the philosophy that we embraced, as well as our good intentions to continuously contribute in empowering the small communities, I initiated the establishment of KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati (formerly Mitra Sejati Cooperative) which is known under the brand of Sahabat UKM. For this purpose, I have assisted the Cooperative with working capital to grow and sustain.

The professionalism shown by the cooperative’s management to grow the business into what it has become today, with branches reached to 120 offices, is a remarkable achievement. It has empowered thousands of small entrepreneurs and at at the end of the day have contributed to Indonesia’s economic growth. The Sampoerna Strategic Group through Bank Sampoerna will always provide direct support and effective collaboration and hoping that the two institutions can provide an even greater contribution to improvethe welfare of all Indonesian people.”

Michael J. Sampoerna, CEO PT Sampoerna Strategic

“Good cooperation between Bank Sampoerna and KSP Sahabat Sejati has been established since 2012. Having a shared vision, the cooperation between Bank Sampoerna and KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati had been focused on financing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). As the outcome of this collaboration, as of the end of December 2015, KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati has engaged and supported 21,229 MSME entrepreneurs with total funding of Rp 492,506,635,796.62. Bank Sampoerna will continue to commit itself in supporting KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati to grow further by always putting the principle of prudence in operation.”

Ali Rukmijah, CEO of PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna

“Recently, the number of Financial Services Institutions (LJK) with a focus on providing financial services for MSMEs has been increased. Based on my experience in microbusiness so far, I can say confidently that Sahabat UKM has been one of the best financial service institutions. With professional business management and experienced managers, many MSME entrepreneurs have chosen Sahabat UKM instead of banks to develop their business. Based on this reputation, I encourage Bank Sampoerna to continue its strategic partnership with Sahabat UKM and together provide the best service for the Indonesian people.”

Minhari Handikusuma, Independent Commissioner PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna

“KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati who previously known as Koperasi Mitra Sejati has been the pioneer in the establishment of Sampoerna Financial Group. When Bank Sampoerna came to exist, the collaboration and business cooperation carried out by the Management was a significant breakthrough and an excellent strategic measure. The cooperative’s growth in performance as a result of professional management by putting prudential aspects and measurable risk management as the priority has been positive. For this reason, Bank Sampoerna’s Management will continue to strengthen this business cooperation across different sectors to ensure both parties enjoy continuous success. Personally, I have become a member of the Cooperative by allocating funds as a form of support for the development of the Cooperative. I am confident and optimistic that KSP Sahabat Sejati will continue to expand its business and I have also asked the Management of Bank Sampoerna to continue its collaboration with the Cooperative within the platform of Sampoerna Financial Group. Keep up the good work…!”

Budi Halim, President Commissioner of PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna