Mogen Testimonial

“I too, can be a Millionaire!”

Posted on 28 July 2017

If you happen to visit the 26th floor in Sampoerna Strategic building; you will surely meet Mas Eko, a “flamboyant” security officer. Mas Eko is very happy after he found out that a security officer like himself can also participate in this Motor Agen program. To encourage his friends to own a motorcycle, Mas Eko … Continue reading ““I too, can be a Millionaire!””

With Coffee Comes a Blessing!

Posted on 20 April 2017

Being an employee of a leading cooperative in  Malang is what Suyono do day in an out. And to further support his family, the 46-year old father joined Mogen program from Sahabat UKM. To join the program, Suyono collected the list of cooperative’s customers that he can follow up as leads. As a result, after … Continue reading “With Coffee Comes a Blessing!”

An incentive of Rp18,4 millions in 9 months!

Posted on 29 August 2016

After joining Motor Agen (Mogen) for nine months, Mas Yakup has sold 16 motorcycles and collected potential incentive of Rp. 18,4 millions! The 36-year old man with three children said that become Mogen had helped him to support his household’s needs, “my wife would use the incentive to buy his children’s needs or occasionally dine … Continue reading “An incentive of Rp18,4 millions in 9 months!”

“Age is just a number…”

Posted on 21 June 2016

The man who was born in Yogyakarta 61 year ago is a man of spirit, and this is evident in his enthusiasm to seek extra income from Mogen. The father of two and two grandchildren started his career as a driver in a company until today. By actively engaging the community and community in his … Continue reading ““Age is just a number…””

“The advantage of the network to earn extra income.”

Posted on 02 June 2016

As a Marketing Communication staff in one of a big shopping center in the capital, Dian Hadiansah is enthusiastic about becoming a Mogen. A man who is often called as ‘Iyan’ is a living proof that even only joined the program for three months, he could sell 12 motorcycles and earn potential extra incomes of … Continue reading ““The advantage of the network to earn extra income.””

“Without leaving my main job, I earn extra incomes…”

Posted on 31 May 2016

As a Store Manager of a KOPKAR convenience store in an office building in Jakarta, Rizal, a 32-year old, has managed to build a strong relationship with the store’s regular customers. When he heard the opportunity to join the MOGEN (Motor Agen) program, Rizal sees these relationships as the opportunities that he will not waste. … Continue reading ““Without leaving my main job, I earn extra incomes…””

“Getting extra income of Rp50 Million is a walk in the park…”

Posted on 29 April 2016

Working for fifteen years as a driver in a private company, the father of three took the golden opportunity when he found out about MOGEN in Sahabat UKM. He could collect a potential extra income of Rp. 49,500,000.00. What is the key to his success? “It’s easy, just have a chat with your friends, sends … Continue reading ““Getting extra income of Rp50 Million is a walk in the park…””