Mr. Giri and his wife started the grocery store business with an initial capital of IDR 1.6 million to shop for daily necessities such as soap, toothpaste, and several primary conditions, including. Not only that, Mr. Giri and his wife also provided vegetables. Who would have thought, with a capital of IDR 1.6 million, that Mr. Giri and his wife would be able to own three shops and are currently planning to build another business.

Initially, the monthly turnover achieved by Mr. Giri and his wife was IDR 1.5 million. After six months, Mr. Giri and his wife's business started to get busy with buyers, so they began to find it challenging to run a grocery store with just the two of them. Mr. Giri thenfinally decided to look for employees to help with his sales. Behind his success story, in 2012, Mr. Giri was diagnosed with kidney disease. The situation became difficult because he could not help his wife in the shop, and his wife had to divide her time between looking after the shop and looking after Mr. Giri. Sales had decreased, and many items were out of stock in the shop because the wifeshe could not allocate time for shopping. Mr. Giri tried to comfort his wife by saying he would accompany her shopping when she recovered. This encouraged his wife to continue to accompany him until finally, Mr. Giri's condition improved and recovered in 2015.

Mr. Giri thanked KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati for assisting him when Mr. Giri was in the process of building his business. Mr Giri hopes that his company will continue to run smoothly and continue to grow.