• Requirement to become a Cooperative Member is an Indonesian Citizen (WNI) who is over 17 years old as proven by ownership of an Identity Card (KTP) in the form of e-KTP or its receipt can be accepted as a Prospective Member.
  • Other requirements that must be met to become a member are as follows:
    1. Fill in the Member Application Form, either in the form of hardcopy (submitted to the nearest branch) or in the form of a form on the SOBATKU application.
    2. Willing to pay Principal Deposits and Mandatory Deposits, in which the amount and method of payment are determined by the Cooperative in its Statutes and
    3. Fully able to take legal actions (not in guardianship and so on).
    4. Willing to obey and comply with the rules defined in Cooperative’s Statutes and Bylaws.
    5. Residing and domiciled within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
    6. Approval of appointment to become a member of the Cooperative is the right and authority of the Cooperative
    7. If using loan service from the Cooperative while being a Member, always make repayments on time.
    8. Membership cannot be transferred to anyone, whether heirs or appointees through a statement by the Member.
    9. The membership of the Cooperative ended due to the following matters, such as:
      • Member pass away.
      • Members resign or stop at their own request as evidenced in writing by submitting a letter of resignation.
      • Member does not repay the loan services in accordance with applicable regulations.
      • Other matters regulated and agreed upon in the Members’ Meeting and Cooperative internal policies.
  • In the case of Member does not pay the Principal Deposits and Mandatory Deposits obligations, the Cooperative has the right to terminate the membership status of the Member.
  • Upon the termination of membership, the rights of the member also come to an end.

We hereby declare that we have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of becoming a member of KSPSMS.


please download sobatku apps to become a member.

Please download this form to become a member
& submitted to the nearest branch.