Junk is a business opportunity that can bring high profits. Mr. Sujito, a middle-aged man from Jombang, has been in the business of collecting used goods for decades. Until finally Pak Sujito’s business was taken over by his son because he saw Pak Sujito’s age and condition which made it impossible for him to manage this growing business. Pak Eko, the eldest son of Pak Sujito’s family, began to replace his father’s position in the early 2000s. Pak Eko said that his father had started this business long before he was born in 1984 and collected junk items such as iron, cans, cardboard, paper and others. Usually Pak Eko resells the goods to factories or mills. If the demand from the factory or mill is not sufficient, Pak Eko immediately buys the required goods from other collectors. There are about 3 big collectors in the same location. Talking about the pandemic period that is still going on today, it turns out that junk collectors like this are also having an impact. This is because the goods to be sold to factories and mills charge very low prices because factories are also experiencing a decline in production and some are closed. Meanwhile, the junk that Pak Eko bought is still there every day.
His father’s business is progressing thanks to being a member of KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati. The activeness of his parents to become members of the cooperative is evidenced by the application for a working capital loan facility submitted by his father. And thanks to this facility, Mr. Sujito was able to buy a truck for his business operations to replace his pick-up car. Unmitigated, Mr. Sujito directly bought as many as 2 units of large trucks. “What I remember at that time was that you proposed to become a member of the Cooperative. And you applied for a working capital loan to the cooperative. After it was approved, you immediately bought 2 trucks to replace the pick-up that already existed. And it turns out that the cooperative is KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati,” recalled Pak Eko when his father received a working capital loan from KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati.